Command-line interface

This package provides a command-line interface for the sim2net simulator, which allows users to initialize and start simulations.


sim2net – a console script to initialize and start simulations:


positional arguments:
  CONFIGURATION         simulation configuration file
  APPLICATION           simulation application file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --description     show description message and exit
  -i DIRECTORY, --initialize DIRECTORY
                        write configuration and application files to given
  -v, --version         show version message and exit


To start a simulation with the sim2net simulator, two files are necessary: a configuration file (with the simulator settings) and an application file that is run by every node in the simulated network (the application must implement the sim2net.application.Application abstract class). The easiest way to obtain both files is to execute the sim2net command with the -i option, eg.:

sim2net -i .

After that, two files are created in the given directory: and Both files may be edited – for more information about configuration parameters see Packages section, and for more information about application implementation see the sim2net.application.Application abstract class.

Next, to start the simulation, the sim2net command should be executed with both files as arguments, eg.:

sim2net ./ ./